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words are powerful

Words are powerful

In 2007, a missionary named Brian told me I’d become a pastor in the USA, and it happened in 2015. When I signed the pastoral contract, I called Brian. He was on the phone, crying and joyful. When I asked why, he said it was his first prophecy come true.

Reflecting on this journey, a Bible verse that resonates with me is Isaiah 55:11: ‘My word won’t come back to me empty. It will do everything I want it to do.’

This verse shows how powerful spoken words can be. It reminds us that God’s words always come true, just like the prophecy over my life.

In conclusion, this experience shows how important our words are. Let’s keep speaking positive and uplifting words, as words have a tremendous impact on others. Remember, the Word itself is Jesus—the embodiment of truth and hope.

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