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My 10th Anniversary

My 10th Anniversary in the USA: A Decade of Love and Adventures

Today, February 2, marks the 10th anniversary of my journey in the United States. Marrying my beautiful wife, Emily, and now having Benjamin as our family has been the best decision of my life. It’s a blessing to continue serving God and fulfilling my calling in the United States.

Reflecting on some funny moments, coming from a place without snow like the Philippines, on my third day, I dove into the snow, resulting in some severe frostbites. Another humorous incident involves me chasing squirrels the first time I encountered them.

A special shoutout to my incredible wife, Emily, who has been unwaveringly supportive in both business and ministry. She is truly an amazing life partner.

I’m also grateful for the impact of Kingdom Legacy Ministries and Instant Web Tools. Blessed with wonderful people and supportive friends, we’ve built a community that stands by us through every challenge and triumph.
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