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KLM Feeding Program

KLM: Beyond Nonprofit, A Transformative Movement

I typically post about technology, but I also have a section dedicated to inspiring stories. This morning, I thought, why not share about KLM or Kingdom Legacy Ministries in my inspiring section?

Kingdom Legacy Ministries isn’t just another nonprofit; it’s a movement. Picture this: reaching 7 locations and serving approximately 3,500 kids every month. We teach them about Jesus, nurturing their faith and fostering the likelihood of them becoming followers of Jesus.

Our KLM youth, who were once kids on the streets, are now serving and volunteering to teach the younger generation. It’s a beautiful cycle—from receiving love to now giving love to kids who are experiencing what they went through.


KLM has planted 2 churches in the feeding locations, where families gather for Bible study and learn about Jesus on a weekly basis. This year alone, 37 individuals accepted the Lord, 27 were baptized, 100 kids were able to return to school through the Back to School Project, and 300 kids received a Christmas gift.


I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all your partnerships that have touched so many lives. For more information and stories, please visit:

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