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5 Suggested Pages Are Ideal for Google Ranking

Optimizing Your Website: How Many Suggested Pages Are Ideal for Ranking

In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, the question of how many suggested pages a website needs to rank well on Google is a common concern. 5 pages are the suggested number, and having worked in the website industry since 2012, I’ve witnessed the shifts in Google’s algorithms, and one consistent factor stands out — content is king.

Google’s emphasis on content-driven ranking has significantly influenced the number of suggested pages needed for optimal performance. Industry consensus suggests that, at a minimum, five pages are considered ideal for achieving a strong ranking in Google.

Back in 2018, the trend leaned towards single-page websites. However, as Google’s algorithms evolved, it became evident that more content was not only beneficial but necessary for improved rankings. The transition from one-pagers to multi-page structures became imperative for success.

When considering the ideal number of pages, it’s crucial to focus on quality rather than quantity. Each page should be thoughtfully crafted, offering valuable information to your audience. The days of one-pager simplicity gave way to a more comprehensive approach, encouraging at least five pages to cover diverse aspects of your content.

An essential aspect of this evolution is the impact of anchor texts. Utilizing anchor texts like #contact in each section of a single-page website may hinder Google’s crawling ability. This underscores the importance of a multi-page structure, allowing for more nuanced optimization.

As someone deeply involved in the industry, I’ve seen the positive correlation between increased content and improved rankings. While the magic number may be around five suggested pages, it’s vital to adapt to Google’s continuous algorithm changes and prioritize the creation of quality, informative content.

“If you ever want to build a website, make sure you have not less than 5 pages.” This advice resonates with the current SEO landscape, emphasizing the importance of a multi-page structure for enhanced visibility and ranking.

In conclusion, the evolution from one-pagers to multi-page structures is a testament to the dynamic nature of SEO. Embrace the shift, focus on content quality, and stay updated with Google’s algorithm changes for sustained success.

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